Stroke Detection
The early detection of a stroke is critical to the quality of life for the individual who has a stroke. We are told there is only about a three hour window of opportunity from the point of a stroke to being able to minimize its damage.

What to look for:
  1. Face drooping on one side
  2. Slurred speech or inability to speak
  3. Partial or total loss of the use of limbs, arms might not lift or the individual cannot control them.
  4. Fixed stare….non responsive

Strokes can happen to the young and old. There are many reports of children having strokes.
Unfortunately, the person that is actually having a stroke sometimes is not able to communicate what is happening. Recognizing these symptoms and taking action for an individual can save lives or certainly significantly improve their quality of life after a stroke.

My personal suggestion: If you even “think” someone might be having a stroke, then act as if they are. React…do something…call 911!!!

If you suspect someone is having a stroke but not sure…
ask them to:

(Disclosure: We are not doctors and can only provide information we have been taught. If you need additional information, please call you’re your nearest hospital or doctor)

Our mission is to educate people on the value of the early detection of strokes. We are self funded and appreciate any donations helping our cause.


Even the smallest private contribution helps us accomplish our goal.
click here to visit the American Stroke Foundation website
if you have suffered from a stroke and need help with rehabilitation, contact the American Stroke Foundation

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